Text 29 Sep son step profiles presents: MATT

Nickname: Sheriff
Instruments: Drums, Sampler (Roland SPD-SX)
Band Duties: Treasurer, Custodian, Gmail Clerk
Fun Fact: Has played Carnegie Hall twice

What was one of your earliest drumming influences?
David Silveria from Korn, sadly.

What is your signature dish?
When it comes to Son Step rehearsals, it is definitely frozen fish fillets. On one occasion, the mere sight of a tray of fried fish fillets (prepared by yours truly) caused a spontaneous uproar, in which a chant of “Matt! Matt! Matt!” ensued.  The moment was so inspirational that we decided to immortalize it in our song “Big Buck Hunter”.

What are two songs that you can’t get enough of?

Deerhoof - “Spirit Ditties of No Tone”  - 

Aside from being an admirer of Greg Saunier’s drumming, this song captures all my favorite things about the band and is a perfect example of their phrasing (riffs in 3’s). 

The Peddlers - “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” - 

This song I heard on an episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ and instantly had to find. My first instinct was that this was a sampled groove with an old black man singing over it, and then I found out it was three British guys from the 60’s playing standards.

Who is your favorite retired NFL star?
Junior Seau. #toosoon. But seriously, I had the jersey and all.

What is your favorite song off of Here Comes Dreamboat?
"Swings" - This is one of our oldest and most "avant-garde" songs, but the ending is beautiful despite its chaos. 

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