Text 15 Nov ** hot tub tour roundup **

we had a muchos wonderful time playing in the Midwest last week.  new friends and tasty shows in Columbus, Chicago, Bloomington, Cincinnati, and more.  on our first night out, we ended up watching Wild Wild West (ya know, with Will Smith) and sampling a vast array of Wendy’s chicken products in an Oberlin, OH motel room.  as one can imagine, after that it became difficult to update the Tumblr machine while fast food vibes and tour craziness only became more rampant.  here’s a quick list of some of the awesome things/people we encountered on this trip…


- ‘1427’ is a house venue in Columbus, OH that treated us with awesome hospitality and killing sound (really, amazing sound for a basement performance space).  ’twas a big ole’ party, and we were serenaded by The Happy Maladies (see more below on them).  thanks to Jack, Ethan, Kyle and all the other lovely folks on premises.  videos of our set were taken with multiple cameras, so we may have some sweet footage on the way.

- Chicago was a blast.  we ate many taco’s, including some otherworldly ones from Lazo’s.  made sweet new pals at Township on our first night in town. also, kudos to everyone at The Whip for an awesome whacky time on our second night.  there was birthday cake, and a friendly dog runnin’ about.  and this local guy Michael Reality absolutely floored us with an amazing electronic set.  pretty please, you should go find him on the webs!

- in Bloomington we were showered with ridiculously awesome music by Steven Layne (of Chandelier Ballroom) and KO (from Indianapolis).  it was a super fun night that ended with a trip to one of our greasiest destinations, Steak ‘n Shake.  fond memories of old Chris Farley SNL skits began creeping into the tour van.

- we can’t say enough about everyone involved with the Marburg Collective in Cincinnati, OH.  we have heard insane and beautiful music from these guys, made some great friendships, and been treated to some of our best shows on the road.  after hearing locals The Happy Maladies (an inexplicably amazing folk/avant/pop string quartet) when they trekked up to Columbus, we got to share the stage with Shadowraptr and ADM (solo project of Adam Peterson of Gorges) at Rake’s End.  inspiring to no end…  Skyline Chili on top.  


updates, videos, all sorts of treats are coming

love,  MATT + JON + PAT + CHRIS

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